Kein Ende mit Schrecken

Im Bostoner Hafen stürzt ein Container ab. Für Dedda und für Thilo ebenso ist das ein Zeichen, dass auch das Gleichgewicht ihrer beider Leben nicht eben stabil ist. Um seine todkranke Frau Karen vor der Erpresserin zu schützen, will Thilo, dass Dedda seine Frau über den Verbleib des erpressten Geldes belügt. Dedda schlägt dagegen einen Vaterschaftstest vor.

A month later, back at their company in Hamburg, Dedda was late for work. She had had a bad night’s sleep full of dreams she wanted to forget. She was unable to get her boss and his wife out of her mind.

Wenig Hoffnung

Thilo’s wife’s health was deteriorating from day to day. He was as white as a sheet and had grey (BE)/gray (AE) circles under his eyes. Karen’s health had not improved, contrary to what the doctors had said only a few weeks ago.

Exercise: Bilden Sie den Gentiv

die Frau des Bosses
die Tür des Hauses
der Knochen des Hundes
die Akten der Mitarbeiter
die Autos der Manager
Thilos und Karens Heim
die Monitore der Computer

Answer key

They hadn’t talked again about Thilo’s request that Dedda tell his wife a story about where their money – 50,000 dollars – had gone. However, Karen was not able to go to the bank nor to check the account on the internet. Over the last days she had been unconscious, sedated with morphine.

Unklare Verhältnisse

Dedda wanted to give some words of encouragement to her boss every time she saw him, but she could never find the right words. And the moment she cleared her throat Thilo always waved her aside and vanished behind the door to his office like a ghost.

Had he asked Grace or her sister Angela, the mother of his so-called son, to undertake a paternity test as Dedda had suggested? If so had he received the results of the paternity test? Dedda didn’t dare to ask.

Now she knocked at his office door. But he didn’t answer. So she went in and found the room empty. There was no message on his table. Dedda went back and sat down behind her desk, which was also empty. When her phone rang she felt goose pimples running down her back.

She knew before she heard the voice that it was her boss. And she knew before she heard the words that Thilo’s wife Karen had died.

Exercise: Bilden Sie die indirekte Rede

  1. Thilo said: “I will pay the money.“
  2. Dedda replied: “Why don’t you ask for a paternity test?“
  3. Grace had said: “My sister has a son.“
  4. Angela had said: “I want 50,000 dollars.“
  5. Dedda asked Thilo: “Why don’t you tell your wife?“
  6. Thilo asked Dedda: „could you tell Karen a story?“

Answer key

When she found her voice and said how sorry she was, the only help Thilo asked for was for her to get in contact with Grace Fairchild to tell her that he wanted a paternity test. He told Dedda that he had already paid 20,000 dollars to Angela to keep her quiet and to prevent her from calling Karen about her son.

Probleme delegieren

Dedda agreed. She called Grace Fairchild at the Boston company and told her of Thilo’s request. Grace seemed to be indignant but promised to tell her sister.

One week later, after his wife’s funeral, Thilo was back to work. He looked a bit better already. He called Dedda in.

“I’m really having a hard time. And I’m so grateful for your support. Especially regarding this delicate matter with Angela Fairchild and her son. I don’t know what will come of it, but there is no more pressure on me now. I can take time to solve this problem. But I made a promise to you that whatever you wanted to further your career in our company I would help you to achieve it. So it is your turn now. What can I do for you?”

Eine klare Entscheidung

Dedda frowned. It seemed like her boss was looking for a quick answer about what to do with her. She had thought a lot about their relationship over the last few weeks and had come to the conclusion that the possibility of having a relationship with him was just fantasy. There didn’t seem much chance of that.

But the offer from Grace Fairchild’s boss Dr Perry of a job as his PA was no fantasy at all. The last time they had visited their parent company in Boston, Dr Perry had told her how much he admired Dedda’s intercultural competence especially as a mediator between European and American business partners. He was just waiting for her decision. And he had promised to send Grace to a subsidiary enterprise in San Francisco.

Exercise: Welche Schreibweise ist richtig?

  1. Her book.
    1. It was hers.
    2. It was she’s.
    3. It was her’s.
  2. My decision.
    1. It is my’s. 
    2. It is mine.
    3. It is me’s.
  3. His car.
    1. It is he’s.
    2. It is his’.
    3. It is his.
  4. The company’s entrance.
    1. It’s entrance.
    2. Its entrance.
    3. That’s entrance.

Answer key

So after a short pause she replied : “You could let me go before my contract ends. I have had an offer from our parent company. I want to move to Boston as soon as possible.”

She had never seen her boss change colour (BE)/color (AE) so quickly. But she was determined. Her boss had to find his own way. This was hers.

The End

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