The countdown has begun!

You have to know a little more than just the names of numbers to count and use cardinal and ordinal numbers properly in English. Do you remember how to do that? Please answer the following questions. Three … two … one …

1. Numbers like 2, 45 or 926 are called ::_ numbers. Numbers like first or eleventh are called ::_ numbers.
2. “1.976 euros is enough to buy a good bicycle” – do you agree?

3. Underline the ordinal numbers that are misspelt: seventienth, fortieth, twelveth, ninth, thousandth.
4. Do you recall the emergency phone numbers for the UK and the US respectively?

5. How do you pronounce the following numbers?
a) 2²       ::::::
b) 2 m²  ::::::
c) 6.5     ::::::
d) 1-6    ::::::
e) 2:0 (sports) :::::

 Answer key the countdown has begun!
1.cardinal, ordinal
2. No, you’ll need more than just under 2 euros to buy a bike! In English the use of comma and full stop (BE)/period (AE) in numbers is the other way round.
3. There are only two wrongly spelt numbers. They should read like this: seventieth, twelfth.
4.UK: 999, US: 911
5. a) two squared, b) two square meters, c) six point five, d) one to six, e) two nil (BE)/two to zero (AE)
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