Test your Knowledge: Job Description

Now that you know that job descriptions are still in use and are also necessary for whatever type of media they may be used in, it is time to find out if you can remember their structure and vocabulary.

Let us work on a job description which is relevant for you as a secretary and which you might remember well.

Exercise: Complete the Job Description

Please insert the following words in the correct gap and change each of them grammatically if necessary. (This job description is just an example. Tasks and duties can vary.)

ability, show, supplies, credential, responsibility, incoming, overtime, schedule, compose, prioritise (BE)/ prioritize (AE)

Job description: Personal Assistant
The personal assistant (1.) ………….. appointments, gives information to callers, takes dictation and deals with administrative and business work.

Duties and (2.) ………………

  • The PA opens, date stamps, sorts and distributes (3.) ………… mail.
  • She answers the telephone and directs callers to the appropriate members of staff or takes messages and delivers them. She welcomes visitors and (4.) ……… them to the appropriate person.
  • She (5.) …………. and types routine correspondence and memoranda. She is capable of using office software and is used to typing reports and tables.
  • She establishes and maintains the filing system.
  • The PA assists the Office Manager with monitoring office (6.) ………….
  • She performs other duties as required and reports to the Office Manager.

Knowledge, skills and (7.) ……………

  • The PA requires knowledge of and skills to use all types of modern office equipment (PC, scanner, switchboard, fax, etc.), software and record keeping.
  • She needs knowledge of all types of business communication, including style and letter format, minute and report writing.
  • She has the ability to work without supervision and (8.) ……… her workload.
  • She has problem-solving abilities.

(9.) ……….. and experience

  • The PA has an Associate’s Degree with courses in office administration and four years working experience.
  • She is fluent in English.

Special requirements

  • The PA is willing to work (10.) …………. as requested by the Office Manager.

Answer key

This is an example of a written job description for internal company use or for a print media advert (BE)/advertisement (AE).

Alternative for Social Networks

To give you an idea how a job description on a social media website might look we chose a more web-related job and the relevant job description.

Community Manager

Responsible for interacting with customers and fans in real time and on company web platform.

Duties include participating in minuteby- minute online conversations by answering questions, offering solutions and mediating conversations.

Other duties are creating content for feeds and leading discussions on various social networking sites.

The right candidate will have excellent HTML or CSS knowledge, outstanding verbal and writing skills, a passion for research and a willingness to work during non-standard business hours.

Prior experience in customer service, advertising, public relations or online marketing is preferred.

Exercise: Komma bei If- Nebensätzen

Die Briten – und die Amerikaner – gehen bekanntermaßen lockerer mit ihren Satzzeichen um als wir Deutschen. Wissen Sie, wie sie If-Nebensätze behandeln? Mit oder ohne Kommas?

Testen Sie sich, fügen Sie Kommas dort ein, wo sie nötig sind. Und nur dort. Und schreiben Sie darunter die Regel auf.

I would finish this letter if I were you.

If I were you I would finish this letter.

Die Regel: ::::::_ ::::::_

Answer key

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