Test your knowledge: German writers’ favourite mistakes

No matter whether false friends or other easily confused words or formulations, there are a lot of stumbling blocks in our way as each language has occasions which lead foreign speakers in the wrong directions. Are you on the right track?

We try to send you on an exploring tour, in order to give you a laugh or at least a light bulb moment.

Do whatever is needed in the following sentences:

  1. He brought his (Beamer) :____ into the meeting room.
    1. projector
    2. beamer
    3. video computer
  2. What is your (Meinung) ::_ In this matter?
    1. meaning
    2. suggestion
    3. opinion
  3. He had China in his hands.
    Translation: :::____
  4. We will go Dutch on our holidays.
    Translation: :::____
  5. If you travel on foot, how are you moving?
    1. On Lindy’s horse.
    2. On Edgar’s bike.
    3. On Shanky’s pony.
  6. If you want to pay at the restaurant, what do you take out?
    1. Your wallet.
    2. Your briefcase.
    3. Your portmanteau.
  7. If you go Bodmin, what does that mean?
  8. Icecream Inc. is a very innovative international (Konzern) ::_
    1. company
    2. concern
    3. corporate group
  9. The boss’s brand new SUV is a Japanese (Marke) ::
    1. mark
    2. make
    3. brand
  10. I need the (Konzept) :___ tonight!
    1. excerpt
    2. draft
    3. concept

Answer key

Vocabulary Box

be on the right  track – auf dem richtigenWeg sein

comb – Kamm

light bulb moment (ugs.) – Aha-Erlebnis

stumbling block – Stolperstein

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