Personalsuche über Netzwerke ohne Stellenbeschreibung

Immer mehr Unternehmen nutzen soziale Netzwerke, wenn sie Fachkräfte rekrutieren. Besonders bei ganz speziellen Anforderungen hat sich dieser Weg bewährt. Und die Nutzung dieses Mediums nimmt weiter zu. Man könnte also auf den Gedanken kommen, dass damit die klassische Stellenbeschreibung überflüssig wird. Hier erfahren Sie, warum das nicht so ist.

Tatsächlich werden heute ungefähr 70 % der offenen Stellen ohne eine offizielle Stellenausschreibung vergeben. Wer heute einen Job sucht, schaut viel seltener in die Wochenendausgaben der großen regionalen und überregionalen Zeitungen. Der heutige Stellenbewerber sichtet zuerst das Internet, und dort die sozialen Netzwerke.

Die Vorteile der sozialen Netzwerke

There are a lot of advantages for both sides:

Das Unternehmen

  • The company reaches a far wider range of possible applicants than through a newspaper.
  • The company can offer more immediate detailed information for those who ask for it.
  • The company minimises (BE)/minimizes (BE u. AE) the risk of wrong choice for the job.
  • Social networks are used by recruitment companies who have actual (or “real”) networks and who job hunt for career seekers and let them know about job offers.
  • Companies can get recommendations more easily through social networks than through paper adverts.

Der Bewerber

  • The applicant can find more detailed information on the internet for himself.
  • He can get into contact more quickly than through job advertisements in newspapers.
  • Social networks are used by many people who also use a “real” network and who will tell specialists about job offers.
  • Applicants will hear about vacancies more quickly through social networks than through paper adverts (BE)/advertisements (AE).

Was Unternehmen tun können

You may think that looking for applicants through social networks is only an option for global players. This is true in respect of the costs of having and running a social media website. Many smaller and medium sized companies still do not think they can afford to take this step.

But this doesn’t make business sense. In the long run the use of the internet will become more and more important for trade, human resources and job applications. If smaller companies want to be able to compete, or even survive, they will have to accept that their customers want access to products and information quickly and make their presence known wherever possible. And the internet is the one place you should not neglect.


Question: Why is Facebook like jail?
Answer: You have a profile picture, you sit around all day writing on walls, and you get poked by guys you don‘t really know!

A professional internet space belongs in the hands of specialists. Small and medium sized companies should invest in professional advice.

Was Bewerber tun können

If you are looking for a new challenge in a new job and want to use social networks, you have to be active not only on the internet but also in real life. This means if you make new contacts on social platforms you shouldn’t neglect the real world. Meet those people in real time.


When I was a child, my social network was called “outside”.

Author unknown

So go outside the office. Use meetings, trade fairs, social company events, colleagues and friends to get into contact with new people.

Die Stellenbeschreibung pflegen

And what is the connection? The good old job description. It is not dead, it is still useful as it is the only place where all the necessary information can be found. If a company has a vacancy, they need to give detailed information.

If an applicant wants to apply for a job, he or she needs the details.

The media through which a job is offered is unimportant. What counts is the fact that detailed information is necessary.

So let us take a look at what you know about job descriptions.

Vocabulary Box

cautious –    vorsichtig
current gegenwärtig
 for the worse zum Schlechteren
in respect in Bezug auf
in the long run  auf lange Sicht
job hunt Jobjagd, Arbeit suchen
poke anstupsen
rather than eher als
recruitment Anwerbung, Rekrutierung
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