Perfekte Stammkundenpflege: So umgehen Sie Routinefallen

Viele Unternehmen legen den gesamten Marketingfokus auf die Neukundengewinnung. Die Stammkunden gelten als sicher, also glaubt man, sie vernachlässigen zu können. Doch das ist ein Fehler. Lesen Sie hier, was Sie tun können, um auch die langjährigen Kunden auf Dauer an Ihr Unternehmen zu binden.

Denn natürlich bemühen sich auch die Mitbewerber Ihres Unternehmens, Neukunden an „Land zu ziehen“, und vielleicht sind ihre Mittel attraktiver für Ihre langjährigen Kunden als die Routineabfertigung in Ihrem Haus.

Ihr Wettbewerb ist immer eine Gefahr

If customer care is your company’s main priority, this is great. But sometimes, especially with regards to your regular patrons, this is just not enough. The simple reason: They get used to it! And if your competitors offer the same, e.g.

  • overnight delivery,
  • 24 hour telephone hotline,
  • 24 hour internet help desk,
  • individual contact person,
  • special prices,

to name just a few, both companies are on the same level from the customers’ viewpoint.

And one “hot offer” is all it takes to grab their attention and let them give the new competitor a try. This can be something small like a welcome gift for their first order, or a perfectly timed event for a customer who is just a bit bored with your routine treatment. The slightest attraction could make all the difference between securing an order or losing a customer.


Mutual Attraction

In the middle of an argument a man said to his wife, “I don’t know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time!”

The wife responded calmly: “Look, dear, the Lord made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me. And he made me stupid so I would be attracted to you!”

Schaffen Sie Ihren Kunden neue Anreize

To avoid your regular customer moving to one of your competitors your company has to take care that it stays attractive. There are two ways of doing so:

1. Act like your competitors and offer new products/ services/stimuli.
2. Show your concern by stressing what you already do for him or her.

A mixture of both seems to be the best.

Marktanalysen bringen wichtige Informationen

Point 1 means that your company’s marketing department will have to do a lot of research in the market to find out what your competitors offer. The only thing that you can do in this respect is to suggest to your boss or manager that a market analysis might show up some useful data, and it would then be up to him to instruct the PR department to undertake the analysis.

Answer key exercise: Übersetzen Sie den folgenden Text

1. Compliance bedeutet: der Zustand, sich in Übereinstimmung mit den relevanten Bundes- oder regionalen Behörden und deren Erfordernissen zu befinden. Im Zusammenhang mit Finanzdienstleistungen stammen die wichtigsten Compliance- Regeln von der Börsenaufsichtsbehörde. Die meisten Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen haben Compliance-Teams, deren Rolle darin besteht, unabhängig sicherzustellen, dass das Unternehmen alle notwendigen Regeln und Vorschriften befolgt.
2. Der Text stammt aus den USA. Das geht aus dem Begriff „Securities and Exchange Commission“ hervor: Im UK heißt das „Securities and Investments Board“.

Sprechen Sie Ihre Kunden gezielt an

What you can do as a secretary or manager is to let your customers know that their continued loyalty to your company is highly valued.

Most importantly, communicate to your patrons the special treatment they get, because this is the only way to make them realise what your company does for them.

That means you yourself or your company’s sales department not only have to keep up their brilliant service but write additional letters or make additional phone calls.


Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?

Martin Luther King

Formulierungen für alle Fälle

Now here are some examples of how you can show your appreciation. All the following sentences can be slightly varied for written or spoken communication.

Wertschätzung durch Status

If you want to show how highly you value your customer you can do so by pointing out that you talked about him or her with your boss. This puts the customer on the same level as your superior and shows him, how much you care for him.

  • Ms Schleifer, our CEO, was very pleased to hear that you agreed to give our new in-house customer service a try.
  • Mr Davies, our manager, suggested that, as one of our most long-standing customers, I should let you know of our new product line.

Allgemeine Aufmerksamkeit

You can show your estimation by stressing what you have made possible for your customer (even if it is not so very exceptional, see next point).

  • As you have been a good customer for such a long time I managed to upgrade your order so you can get it delivered this week.
  • Usually our customers can get samples of new products only after they are introduced at the YX trade fair. But in your case I managed to get the go-ahead for an exception.

Aufmerksamkeit durch Sonderstellung

You have to be very careful with new product lines or service offers which are still in the development process. In many cases it could mean breaking your duty of confidentiality, as this would give your company’s competitors the opportunity to see your new product before it is available on the market.

On the other hand some patrons would be very disappointed or even feel betrayed if they heard of such innovation at the same time as everybody else. What you can do is ask your boss for permission to indicate a change – without getting too specific.

  • If you could hold your order for just one week, I could give you more detailed information on new standards.
  • May I suggest you wait until Monday next week? I would like to give you some new and exciting information on this subject, which I cannot do at the moment.

But customer care is not a one-way road. You should carefully observe how your partner reacts to your special treatment. Does he or she like it? Are they irritated? Do they seem to be looking for another competitor?

The earlier you find out, the quicker you can react and try to keep them!

Vocabulary Box
competitor                                                                                – Mitbewerber
confidentiality                                                                           – Vertraulichkeit
constancy                                                                                 – Beständigkeit
duty to keep confidential/ duty of confidentiality                 – Verschwiegenheitspflicht
exceptional                                                                               – außergewöhnlich
esteem                                                                                     – wertschätzen
feel betrayed                                                                            – betrogen fühlen
patron (BE), regular customer (BE/AE)                              – Stammkunde
 person in charge                                                                   – Sachbearbeiter
pick up                                                                                      – aufholen
suffice                                                                                       – ausreichen
superior                                                                                    – Vorgesetzter
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