How to Use Popular English Prepositions in Greetings

Prepositions in a foreign language are something to worry about. There are always exceptions to rules – even if there are some rules. So it is your task as a Personal Assistant to learn them by heart. Only by doing so you can be sure to avoid mistakes in your every-day communication with business partners from the English speaking part of the world.

So let us near the end of this issue of English@work with an exercise around prepositions you need almost every day. Please fit them into the sentences.

Exercise: Popular Prepositions

Your selection: on, for, with, in.

  1. Congratulations :___ your anniversary.
  2. We wish you all the best :: your party.
  3. Wishing you great happiness :__ your birthday.
  4. All the best : you and your team.
  5. All the luck :__ the world : your wedding.
  6. I congratulate you :___ passing your exam.
  7. I hope you will enjoy working :_ the new position :_ many years.
  8. Good luck :____ the future.
  9. We hope you will enjoy working :___ your new colleague.
  10. Many congratulations :__ your promotion.

Answer key

If you learn these combinations you or your boss’s greeting cards or letters will be correct and the recipient can enjoy the message without getting irritated by your incorrect use of grammar.

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