Brainfood gezielt nutzen – Teil 2

Wäre es nicht wunderbar, könnten wir eine „Gehirndiät“ durchführen und damit unseren Intelligenzquotienten verdoppeln? Das geht leider nicht, wie wir Ihnen schon in der Märzausgabe gezeigt haben. Aber es gibt einiges, was wir für unsere geistige Fitness tun können. Und dabei steht die Ernährung an erster Stelle.

Amerikanische Studien haben belegt, wie wichtig ein ausgewogener Speiseplan für unser Gehirn ist.

Hirn braucht Glukose

Unfortunately our brain does not need the type of glucose that comes from sweets! That kind is used up far too quickly. We need glucose from unrefined carbohydrates such as wholemeal products, pulses and vegetables. These foods are digested slowly and feed our brain constantly over a longer period. This guarantees a high degree of concentration and stability, which is crucial throughout our whole life.

Weitere Bestandteile des Brainfoods

After a long night, our carbohydrate reservoirs are empty, so we need a breakfast containing cereals, wholemeal bread, jam, honey and fresh fruit (vitamins).

Vitamin B1 is another important component of brainfood, and it can be found in nuts, dried fruit and meat. So a handful of nuts in between meals and some fish for lunch are fine. Having meat twice a week is enough and you can substitute it with eggs or milk products.

Vitamin B2 strengthens our nerves. It is contained in vegetables, fruit, meat, milk and milk products. A milk shake with fresh fruit cares for your brain and nerves.

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty! That’s too late! Drink half a glass of water every half an hour.

Water is another very important brainfood. We need 1.5 to 2 litres per day of water, fruit or herbal tea, or spritzer (AE) – a mixture of 1 part fruit juice and 2 parts of water.

See for yourself: if you stick to this brainfood diet your body and brain will soon feel much fitter!

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