6 Tools zur perfekten Reiseplanung

Gute Planung ist die halbe Reise, und je früher Sie damit anfangen, umso besser. So können Sie sicher sein, dass alle Buchungen perfekt sind und haben anschließend noch Zeit genug, sich um die landestypischen Gegebenheiten zu kümmern und den Aufenthalt auch in dieser Hinsicht gut vorzubereiten.

Ein erster Schritt vor der Buchung ist die Beschaffung aller wichtigen Informationen, die für das Reiseland gelten.

Fragen zur Einreise

Here are the most important questions concerning the journey:

  • Are there any vaccination recommendations or regulations?
  • Does your boss need a visa?
  • Is his or her passport and ID valid for the duration of the trip and beyond, if necessary?
  • Is his or her international driver’s licence (BE)/license (AE) valid in the country of destination?
  • Is a mobile phone advisable for the journey to keep down roaming costs?
  • Does your company bank provide the foreign currency or do you have to order it ahead of time?

When you don’t need a Visa

A manager called a travel agency and had a question about the documents he needed in order to fly to China. After a lengthy discussion about passports, the agent reminded the manager he needed a visa. “Oh no I don’t, I’ve been to China many times and never had to have one of those.”
The agent double checked and confirmed that the manager’s stay required a visa. When he told the manager he replied, “Look, I’ve been to China four times and every time they have accepted my American Express!”

And here are our suggestions as to where to find this information:

Tool 1: Hilfreiche Websites

The Auswärtige Amt (www.auswaertiges-amt.de) offers most of the required information, current news and additional security or health warnings. Just click „Reise & Sicherheit“ and scroll down. If you want more information follow one of the following links.

Although you would normally expect it to take a long time to get a visa this is not the case now for many countries. You will be surprised how quick a visa express service can be! Give it a try.

To make your preparation easier here is a checklist. You can add your own “to dos” at the bottom.

Tool 2: Checkliste Reiseplanung

To Do  Bis wann klären Veranlasst Erledigt
valid Driver’s Licence
Foreign currency
Mobile phone

It is not only important to check what the various requirements are, but to take care that the documents are at hand when the trip starts.

Rechtzeitig buchen

The booking is the second step. When this is done you can go about collecting everything your boss will need for a successful trip.

Flüge buchen

The first and most important thing to book is the flight or train, because if you can’t get a flight you don’t need a hotel or car. If your company has a booking routine (e.g. airline, luggage (BE)/baggage (AE) insurance) stick to it. Otherwise you can use the internet for booking. That is easy, as the airlines and travel agencies allow you to book in any language.

More challenging is the confirmation of the flight. You will find a sample in the Speaker’s Corner. 

Hotels buchen

The same is true for hotel bookings. You can do it on the following useful websites.

Tool 3: Hotelbuchungen


Mietwagen buchen

If your boss wants to use a hire (BE)/rental (AE) car you can book one in advance from Germany on the well known websites. It may be necessary to rent a car in the destination country – which might save some money – but you will have to know the vocabulary. We will cover this later in the Speaker’s Corner.

Weitere Hilfsmittel

Dependíng on how long your boss’s trip is, he or she may like some leisure time suggestions. Ask! If desired, you can gather tips from the city’s website.

Tool 4: Freizeitgestaltung

Most cities have a “visitors” section on their websites, where you can find buttons for things such as:

  • “Art and Museums”,
  • “Food and Drink”,
  • “Landmarks and Tours”,
  • “Recreation” and
  • “Sports”.

If your boss would like to visit a well-known and popular musical it is advisable to book in advance.

A German tourist walks into a McDonald’s in New York City and orders a beer.
The local guy in the line behind him exclaims: “They don’t serve beer here, you idiot!”
The German turns to the New Yorker and begins to chuckle.
“And what’s so funny?” the New Yorker demands.
“Oh, I just realized that you came here for the food.”

Answer key exercise: Test your knowledge

1.c, Electronic Travel Authority; 2.c.; 3.1a, 3.2c, 3.3c; 4.b (4c: die linke Hand gilt in Indien als unrein!)

Tool 5: Stadtpläne

A map always makes it easier to find one’s way in a foreign city. The following websites offer detailed city maps:


You can print out those areas relevant for the traveller. He or she will be grateful if they take a tour on public transport (BE)/public transportation (AE) without the assistance of a navigation system (BE: satnav) – which nowadays is almost always included in a rental car.

Tool 6: Kontaktdaten

The last but very important tool for your boss’s success is a contact database. You should collect all relevant details about the people he or she will meet, not only the scheduling details, but personal details as well. Some things would be nice to know if you can find them out without being intrusive:

  • date of birth,
  • family status,
  • special business interests,
  • hobbies,
  • areas of specialty,
  • last meeting and topics discussed.

This information will make it easier for your boss to connect with his business partners on a less superficial level even if the last meeting was a long time ago.



Don’t forget to ask your boss about presents to bring. Something from your company or your region are good ideas. Get them in time and give them to your boss along with the “travel plan”.

Vocabulary Box
international driver’s licence (BE)/license (AE)         – internationaler Führerschein
luggage (BE)/baggage (AE) insurance                       – Gespäckversicherung 
hire (BE)/rental (AE) car                                                  – Mietwagen
vaccination regulation                                                     – Impfvorschrift
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